Monday, October 15, 2012

We laughed... because WE do it!

This afternoon while making our way back out of the Apple Orchard after picking apples, we walked by a couple with 2 young children. They had their kids sitting on the ground in front of the trees, trying to take a nice picture of them. The parents were being silly, making noises and the mom even stood up and was dancing, to make them smile for the pictures. My husband and I both got a little giggle from it and then we looked at each other and laughed because WE DO THE SAME THINGS! We try not to be too obvious in public, but sometimes we just want that picture and don't care!

It made me think about the silly things most of us do as parents just to get a smile or laugh out of our children. I guess we channel our inner child for them!

If you happen to be those parents reading. You're awesome.

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StaceyN said...

I do it too!! Though I don't care at all about looking like a dork in public. Joseph and I will dance with Leo in the store just to get him to smile. <3