Friday, November 9, 2012

Here is a big problem with Society - I am on my Soap Box again

A local news station out of California posted this picture, with the caption "Breastfeeding baby doll: creepy or groundbreaking?"

Now this alone (the caption) is pretty annoying, but I know how they work, they want to spark controversy, so I can overlook it for the most part. However, many comments that followed were just ridiculous and ignorant. SO ignorant. Reading many of them had my blood boiling.

These are some of the more tame comments I read.

While reading I realized, THESE PEOPLE are the problem. They are perpetuating and spreading the negative view of breastfeeding, like a disease. 

Society has sexualized anything having to do with breasts to the point that the act of a mother feeding her baby, from her breast, which is what they are there for and something that couldn't possibly be more natural, is viewed as wrong, gross, sexual, inappropriate etc. Let that sink in.... Go on...    This is not a problem with the mother who breastfeeds, this is a problem with society. Come on people.

Do I need to even go into how absolutely ignorant and STUPID the comments about things like this doll leading to teen pregnancy are? Do I? Really? They are STUPID AND IGNORANT. There.

Many young children and toddlers who watch their mother breastfeed a younger sibling will imitate it. They will imitate it with a baby doll, a stuffed animal, a GI Joe... Anything, really. It's normal. Just like children have play kitchens, power wheels, toy lawn mowers, toy baby bottles. They like to imitate what their parents do. It's perfectly normal, imaginative play. Breastfeeding is just another perfectly normal thing to do. Naturally, children will imitate it. Imaginative play is GOOD for them. Yes, even pretending to feed a baby doll with their breast.

As far as the doll itself. It's not worth the money for it to make stupid sounds. A regular old baby doll, they can do the same thing with. But there is nothing wrong with the idea behind the doll! Almost every baby doll I've bought for my daughter came with a bottle. I know it's just far too hard for some of you closed minded weirdos to comprehend, but feeding a child from a bottle or from a breast is the same thing. It's not "exposing" themselves. We all eat in public, a breastfed baby should be afforded that same right, to eat in public. Speaking of which, they DO have that right in pretty much every state! In fact, most places have breastfeeding laws that protect mothers and give them the right to breastfeed wherever they need to.

Society needs to move away from this negative view of breastfeeding. Society needs to stop sexualizing the simple, natural act of a mother feeding her child. Society needs to stop using women's bodies as a political platform. And for goodness sake, people need to quit comparing the natural act of breastfeeding to urinating or defecating! That one REALLY makes me mad. There is a huge difference and anyone who makes that comparison when arguing about breastfeeding being inappropriate in public, immediately lost that argument and are disregarded completely by anyone with half a brain.

*takes a breathe*

Breastfeeding has been around as long as mammals have. Get over it.

Just because it's cute.. and maybe to annoy some of you weirdos who think it's nasty, just a little... (My daughter who was 2 at the time and my 4th son)

Oh the HORROR!!!! Look at that inappropriate exposure!!!
Why Yes, that IS a real life boobie.


StaceyN said...

I love your opinions on this and I completely agree with you! The pictures are so cute and wonderful. <3

Unknown said...

People are sex obsessed. Simply. Everything is of the flesh these days, even a baby eating lunch. Boobs make people uncomfortable. Odd I missioned in a farm village outside of Recife' Brazil where women walked around topless feeding their babies. No one ever said boo! No one thought they were being obscene or trying to be sexy. People are perverts if it turns them on in such a violent way.

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

There is such a huge difference between the US and most other parts of the world in regards to breastfeeding!