Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Things sure do change!

Years ago, even when I already had babies and toddlers, I despised plastic ornaments... You know, the plastic balls. I had all glass and taught my little ones not to touch them. We never had problems! I always thought glass just looked so much nicer. 4 years ago, Stormy (our Labrador) was a growing puppy and I quickly realized how a happy lab tail and glass ornaments on a Christmas tree didn't go together well. Over the last few years I've bought some plastic ornaments, just to cut down on the amount of glass for this reason. I bought more plastic again this year, temporarily forgetting that she no longer has a tail (amputation do to happy tail complications). When I thought about it, I said to myself "Eh, we have a lot of little ones. It's probably better to have mostly plastic anyway. Even though they know better than to play with them."

We put up our tree and decorated it as a family. I instructed the kids to use mostly the plastic ornaments that we have. The older boys did put on some glass, but I tried to keep the glass up higher. Not even 24 hours after decorating the tree, Declan fell, hit a branch and managed to fling off what was probably the only glass ornament on that part of the tree! It shattered on the hard floor OF COURSE!

My Labrador of all things, gave me an appreciation for plastic ornaments. Oh and I guess falling toddlers did too. Things sure do change!

What kind of ornaments to do you use? Antique? Glass? Plastic? Handmade?

My tree is still pretty, even with the plastic ;).


Mama's got Tatts said...

I use plastic, antique wooden, and child made :-)

Unknown said...

When we were kids it was always glass because that's what most were made of. Now as an adult it plastic all the way around. Did you all make your star or buy it?

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

We bought this star at I think Walmart, like 8 or 9 years ago lol. I want a new topper, but I never see anything that really appeals to me.

GreenPunkMama said...

All plastic this year along with a few vintage satin balls, and a fake tree for the first time because we have a kitten. Didn't have any trouble last year with a real tree and glass ornaments with Lillian at only 1 and a 3 year old cat but this kitten is out of this world with her climbing lol

Claire said...

Very few of our glass ones have survived this far....ten years of marriage, four kids, seven moves. I would never buy any.

We have a combination of ceramic, plastic, and homemade. I have a bad habit of putting ALL the ornaments on the tree, even if they don't fit. I just love them all. Matt helped me out last year by hanging some of them along the wall. If we had a larger house I'd get a second smaller tree to put in the entrance way or something.