Friday, January 25, 2013

"I have to go to work, Baby Girl"

My kids often do or say things that are just SO sweet and remind me how innocent they are, or how much they really look up to and love my husband and I.

Earlier this afternoon, Annabella was playing with her Princess Duplo Legos. She was saying that her Cinderella lego figure was her. I was quietly watching and listening to her play. She walked over to our Navy teddy bear, that is dressed in a uniform that resembles the NWU's (Navy Working Uniform) who the kids call "Daddy Bear". She made her princess run and hug the bear while calling out Daddy. Then the little exchange between the 2 toys was just so sweet.

Cinderella Lego aka Annabella:  "Come on Daddy, lets go play!" 
Daddy Bear aka Daddy:  "Aw I can't." 
Cinderella Lego aka Annabella:  "Come on Daddy!" 
Daddy Bear aka Daddy:  "I have to go to work, Baby Girl. *Squeeeeeze* (She made the Daddy Bear pick up her little princess lego and squeeze [hug] it)  I love you!" 
Cinderella Lego aka Annabella:  "Ok, I love you Daddy. Miss you!" 

If she is awake when my husband leaves for work, he picks her up, gives her a big hug (or "squeeze") and says "I have to go to work, Baby Girl. I love you!" This is obviously something that really sticks with her and almost brings tears to my eyes, realizing how much it means to her. She loves her Daddy.

When she was done playing, this is how she left them. So sweet.


StaceyN said...

Omg that is so sweet! <3

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

It almost made me cry <3.