Friday, January 11, 2013

To My Husband.

To My Husband.

Our life together didn't start out like a fairy tale and things weren't always perfect. When we met, we were both young and had a lot of growing up left to do. Despite the hard times, we were both still madly in love with each other. I can't imagine going through it all with anyone else. I am glad we grew together. I am glad we stuck out the hard times. I am so glad for all of the great times. I am so proud and in love with the family we have created and the life we have made together. We make each other better people. You are one of the hardest working men I've ever met and I am proud of the man that you are. I am proud of the Navy Chief that you are and the care and dedication to your job and those who work with and under you. I am proud of the father that you are. I am glad to be your wife. We'll keep making it through any obstacles that might be thrown at us and come out even better. That's what we do. We're a pretty awesome team.

Things are great. We are great.

I love you.

"And I am, overwhelmed, by you
Am, overcome with joy
You've, taken me higher, and shown me what love can do
Where would I go, or be, without you"

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