Monday, March 18, 2013

Dear Moms

Dear Moms who think I am an over achiever. Moms who think I am crazy. Moms who think I do things the way I do, to try to be better than you or make you feel less than.

I don't cook most things from scratch to be better than you. I don't keep my home the way I do, just to make you feel bad about yours. I don't homeschool and think you're bad if you don't. I don't do anything at all to be better than you or to "out mother" you. Nothing I do for my family is about you at all.

I'm a mother, just like you. I'm a mother to 6 children and we have 2 dogs. I'm a mother who homeschools. I'm a mother who is just doing her best, just like you. I'm the mother of a child with a long list of severe food allergies.

The truth is, I cook the way I do, because I have no choice. Of course I'm happy that my kids are eating healthy to go along with that, but I would love if I could heat them some frozen nuggets now and then or order a pizza on a night where I just really don't want to cook. But, I can't do those things without risking my son's life. I don't share new things I make just to bother you, I share them for those interested.

I keep my home organized and clean because I have trouble getting through my day successfully otherwise. It makes my day run more smoothly with the kids and homeschooling and I feel less stressed out. Keeping the floors clean sure does help when the baby has dropped his cheese stick on the floor for the 20th time and I don't have to throw it away because of dirt or dog fur. The five second rule totally applies here. Some of my kids and myself also have environmental allergies, so keeping everything dusted and vacuumed makes us all less uncomfortable. Unless my feet are getting stuck to your floor or my kids come home filthy from just sitting on your couch, I don't notice how clean your home is or isn't, so quit thinking I am going to judge you.

I homeschool because it's right for us. Between the moving and food allergies, right now, it works for my family. It's not for everyone and I don't ever think otherwise.

Cloth diapers.... breastfeeding... those are also things I choose for my family. I don't care if you choose them for yours or not. If I share a link now and then, take it or leave it. I'm only sharing for those interested, not to offend those who aren't.

I share things I do, sometimes because I'm excited that I came up with another allergy free recipe and other times because I do have friends who are genuinely interested. Never do I share pictures, recipes, details about my day or anything else like that, to offend/upset/annoy/bother/judge you.

And one last thing. Keeping a clean home does not mean I am neglecting to spend quality time with my children. My entire life is devoted to my children. A clean home is not a sign that I must be pushing them aside to achieve it.

At the end of the day, I am no different than you. I'm a mom, just like you. I'm tired, just like you. I'm doing my best, just like you. I love my children, just like you. We all do things differently and that's ok.


jefbal99 said...

Must be jealousy, I love reading everything you do. While we do things differently, I always try to learn from someone else's process.

Keep up the great blog!!

StaceyN said...

Wow, some people sure do think the world revolves around them. lol I LOVE reading your blog and I really enjoy the recipes you put up. I think you're an amazing mom doing what you feel is best for YOUR family. Keep doing what you're doing and ignore the silly jealous people. <3

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Thanks guys! <3. I really appreciate it. It's very frustrating to deal with this type of thing sometimes.

Mrs. B said...

I LOVE reading your blog!! People need to chill and stop thinking everything is about them. Decisions you make for YOUR family have nothing to do with anyone else.

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Yes, exactly!

LindaS said...

People jealous, judgemental of your actions or bothered by what you do must feel they are lacking something in their life!