Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hazelwood and Amber Necklace, from Baltic Creations - Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing a Hazelwood and Amber Necklace from Baltic Creations recently. What was originally intended for my almost 2 year old, ended up being used on my 8 year old, who has the worst eczema out of my 6 and severe food allergies.

Now, I'll admit, we're already Amber and Hazelwood users here. We love them and swear by them (Really, I was totally skeptical until I saw the results myself). I do already own an Amber Teething Necklace from Baltic Creations that has been used on my younger two children over the past 3 years (I also own several from another reputable seller as well. Baltic Creations is in the US though, which I like.)

As soon as the Necklace arrived, pretty quickly might I add, I tore that package open and put it right on my youngest. I took off the Amber Necklace he was already wearing. He was in the middle of cutting some molars at the time and became cranky over the next couple of days. I realized, there just wasn't enough Amber on the Hazelwood and Amber Necklace to do the job for him (The Baltic Amber is what gives the most natural pain relief), so I put his full Amber necklace back on. However, my 8 year old was in need of a new Hazelwood necklace because his was old. I put it on him! As I expected, I did see an improvement in his skin within a day! He has been wearing the necklace for a couple of months now, I believe. It's holding up well and still working for him.

So here's the bottom line:

The materials are authentic (no plastic "amber", which obviously will not do anything for you.).
The quality and craftsmanship is very good.
The item was shipped well and arrived intact.
It works.
If you're looking for a TEETHING necklace, go with full Baltic Amber.
If you're looking for something for skin ailments, heartburn etc. Hazelwood is excellent.
I will definitely be a return customer of Baltic Creations.

Click Here to view this necklace and the benefits of Hazelwood.

Both Hazelwood and Baltic Amber have a wide range of ailments they can help with! Just check them out! :)


Christina said...

My oldest is having the worst eczema breakout I think she's ever had. I'll have to try the Hazelwood for her. Thanks for the post!

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

YW! I really see a difference with Hazelwood!