Thursday, June 27, 2013

Let me tell you why

Let me tell you why my camera is like my 7th child. Let me tell you why I constantly take photos of our every day life that are probably boring as all get out to most of you. Let me tell you why...

My children are growing up in a family where there is constant change, constant, upheaval, lots of disappointment and lots of unknown. We move often, friends around us come and go often and Daddy isn't around much. Daddy.... my husband... that's what this is about the most. He misses so much. Family time is scarce, dinners together are rare and days off are few. He is gone before the kids are awake and often comes home after bedtime, on the days he does come home that is. There are duty days, there is time away, Navy schools, underways, deployments etc. He misses the day to day boring things with us. He doesn't get to see the baby learning to feed himself like a big boy at breakfast or dinner. He doesn't often get to see the kids run around in the sprinkler on a Saturday. He doesn't get to see his little girl dress up as a princess or fairy very much. He doesn't get to see the older boys building things and learning on a regular basis.

My husband has watched most of our children's childhood thus far, through photos and videos. The rare family time we have, I take pictures of him with the kids. I don't care if it's us on a walk or eating ice cream... he's with them and those moments are so valuable.

I photographically document our boring mundane life for my husband, for myself and for my children. I also do it for the family that we never see due to the distance that the Navy has created. When my children look back at their childhood and remember that Dad wasn't around much, I want them to see that photo of him eating ice cream with them, taking that walk or him sitting on the couch with them, and remember that the little time he was able to be with them, he cherished and made the best of.

That is why.

Me being the mamarazzi with my camera and my smart phone, has it's purpose. In my mind anyway. Those pointless, boring, every day pictures have so much more meaning to us. Every time my husband leaves work/the boat (you know, because he isn't allowed to have his phone with him), he looks at facebook or instagram and scrolls through the pictures of the kids that I shared that day. They make him smile. He gets to see our children grow up, even if it's mostly through photos.


Unknown said...

Sarah, I think you are an awesome Mom! We miss seeing you! I love watching your wonderful family growing up. Thank you and your family for sharing such a huge sacrifice, husband & father, for the benefit of our country! Again thank you!

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Thanks so much, Judy! I miss CBP so much.