Friday, July 12, 2013

Babies don't come with owners manuals

When we give birth to our children, they do not come out with an owners manual or an instruction sheet on how to properly raise them. Wouldn't that be awesome? A manual that tells you exactly how to raise that specific child? (though, the thought of a manual coming out of my vagina is a little scary)  Well, there is no manual because all children and all families are different. No manual, parenting book or website can tell you every step you need to take. Parenting is not a one size fits all type of thing. Different things work for different people and different families. We learn as we go, we learn from other people as we go. Getting advice is a great thing to do, because it gives you other options to try or new things to do, but if they don't work for you, don't stress over it! Something different will work for you.

I see you new moms with that look in your eyes... that look of fear that you aren't doing it right. I see you everywhere. I even see you, not so new moms with that same look. I'm sure *I* have that look now and then, even now. Raising human beings is some serious business. It's scary, it's frustrating and it's wonderful!

We all have a very different journey with the hopes and intention of achieving the same result. Happy, healthy children, who grow to be happy, healthy adults. Or some version of that, right? It'll be ok moms. We'll be ok. Ours kids will be ok. Lets keep doing our best to achieve our common goal. We're going to have good days and we're going to have bad days. That's ok! When we're having a bad day, lets remember, that we're doing our best and that is what matters. Lets remember that we're learning as we go too. Lets remember that parenting isn't one size fits all. All that matters is that we are trying our best. There are a few out there who don't try, but that's not us!

Babies don't come with owners manuals and that's ok! You're doing ok, mom. We're doing ok.


StaceyN said...

<3 Love this. In the end we all just try our best. :)

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