Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Letter from my 2 year old (If he could write a letter)

Dear Mommy,

     I love you, but I am very disappointed that you just threw that booger I gave you away. I worked hard at getting that out for you. When I saw that you were asleep early this morning, I was quick to wake you up because sleeping is soooo boring! I'd hate for you to miss something cool! Why do you tell me to stop when I am jumping in my bedroom? Do you realize how awesome it is!? I mean, come on.. I'm 2 and I can jump up and down, actually off the ground and land, without falling! I'm a bad-ass, really. Oh and one more thing... I wait until you sit down to eat to make a poopie, because that's the one time you're not busy. I'm doing you a favor! Why do you not appreciate this!? You're such a funny Mommy. I tell you that I have "dirty balls" because it makes you giggle. You're so silly.

I better end this letter now, I need to go scream at my sister to make her cry.


PS. I made another poopie for you. XOXO

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