Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why I'll be just fine if one of my children is gay

The answer to this is really simple. I mean REALLY simple. For me it is anyway.

The short answer: Because it doesn't matter.

The long answer: My children's sexuality does not/will not change a thing. They are amazing, caring little people and they will grow up to be amazing, caring adults whether they prefer men or women. There is so much more depth to them than their sexual orientation. Right now, my older boys express (and exhibit) that they like girls, but if that is different for any of them, who cares? I don't. What I DO care about is them growing up to be caring, tolerant, accepting, kind, driven, successful people. Above all, I want them to be happy.

I was raised in a time where being gay wasn't as widely accepted as it is now. I was raised in a home, where had I been gay, it would not have been easily accepted. My parents are Christian and old fashioned when it comes to this topic. They believe it is a sin and a choice. Both of which I wholeheartedly disagree with. "Gay" doesn't rub off on you from someone else. You can't cure "gay". You can't just decide to change your natural attraction to one sex or the other.

My husband and I have been and will continue to raise our children in a way that displays there is no difference. Gay or straight we are all the same. It's not even necessary to really talk about it, just our actions and the way we treat everyone the same, regardless is enough. Not pointing out a couple that happens to be gay, for that reason, is enough. Not shielding them from gay couples and only allowing them to see straight couples, is enough. Not giving people we know or come across a label, either way, is enough. My friend Eric is my friend, not my gay friend. That couple in the store holding hands is a couple, not a gay couple. My friends Jack and Jill are a couple, not a straight couple. I think removing the labels, either way, makes a big difference. We are all people.

So, if I happen to have a gay child., my wish for them is to just be happy with who they choose to be happy with. I don't ever want them to fear rejection from my husband or I. I also wish that by then, society will be more open minded and the labels will be less prevalent. I want to see every one of them who wishes to get married, be able to marry whoever it is they choose.

I hope that rather than friends and readers who disagree with this, getting upset... that maybe it will make you think a little. Open your heart and mind a little.

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