Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Measure of Success

Different people measure success in different ways. Some people measure success by how much money you make, some by how many awards you have, some by how famous you are... Success is so much more than that, yet so simple. 

In the end, in the big scheme of things when you're old and you're nearing the end of your life, money, fame, awards, none of that will matter. That job evaluation wont matter. The nice car you have wont matter. The cushy bank account wont matter. The relationships with the people who love you are what will matter. Those relationships need to be nurtured all through your life. When the wrong definition of success is what you're striving to achieve, those relationships will suffer.

Yes, you need to be successful in your job so you can live. But a balance must be made. The people who love you have to be a priority for true success. If you're doing excellent at work, but neglecting the people who love you, are you really successful

I happen to be writing this on September 11th. The 12th anniversary of the attack in New York. It is especially in the forefront of my mind today that the people we love the most, might not always be there. Tomorrow is not promised. Don't forget to nurture the relationships with the people who love you. Don't forget to make that phone call just to say "I love you". Don't forget to put them first, often. Don't forget to leave work, at work. Don't forget to go home to the people who love you with a smile and a good attitude, even if you had a bad day. Don't forget to show them that they matter. Don't forget to listen. Live in a manner that if you lost one of those people who love you too soon, that you will not have regrets and you'll know they felt like a priority and felt loved.

Get your mind in the right place and really, truly be successful

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