Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A lesson for a former "boy mom"

As a former "boy mom"  I never fully understood the moms who put leggings under their little girls dresses even if it wasn't cold out. I mean I got it... but I didn't. If that makes sense.
Now, I really get it.
The other day, while we had 2 maintenance men in the house (in my bedroom to be exact), my daughter was wearing a dress. I looked over at her and she was twisting weird and had her dress all pulled up. This is the conversation that followed.
Me: "Annabella, put your dress down. Why are you doing that?"
Annabella: "My pony panties." (My Little Pony underwear)
Me: "What's wrong with your underwear?"
Annabella: "They are in my butt hole" *giggles*
This all happened while standing in my room with both maintenance men. (I always watch them in my house) I could see one of them trying not to laugh and pretending he wasn't hearing the conversation.
Ahh, my little girl is such a lady...

This is her... farting on one of her brothers.


Claire said...

I remember (while we were in Groton actually) knocking on my neighbor's door and telling her her three year old daughter wasn't wearing any pants in the yard. She said "So what? She has a dress on." And I said "Well she also isn't wearing any underwear." At that she flew out the door...and there was her little one dancing around with her dress hiked up above the waist, lol.

I always put shorts on under the dresses of my girls. They are crazy active and I want them to be able to run, flip, and whatever else without worrying about showing their undies off.

Unknown said...

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