Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why I have a love/hate relationship with Whole Foods

Ok, so this isn't necessarily about Whole Foods... but.. it is... kind of.

Anyway. Why is it that every. single. time. I go to Whole Foods people are rude? I know there are rude people everywhere, but every trip there I encounter rude people. 

As I walk through Whole Foods all happy, looking at the beautiful displays of overpriced food and natural items. Smelling the handmade soaps and gawking at the drool worthy fresh, never frozen, organic free range meats (and I don't really care for meat in general btw), there has to be at least one dick that crosses my path. Is it because I am shopping in my VS yoga pants and my Sons Of Anarchy sweatshirt? Is it because I am there with my 6 well behaved children, shoving my big family in your face while clearly undermining your great concerns for global overpopulation? OR, is it just because you're a dick?

The other day while shopping at Whole Foods, very diligently making sure my brood does not get in the way in the very tightly packed store, I stopped at a display to look at an item. One side of the display there was a small area of walking space. On the other, there was a greater amount of walking space. I stopped at the side with less space while I read the ingredients of this said item. A women decided to pass on my side of the display, despite the fact that there was no one in the path on the other side. That in itself isn't an issue, except she shoved by me with her basket on her arm, nearly knocking me over and hitting me in the head with the basket (You see, I am barely over 5ft tall and she was quite a tall woman herself). She didn't even as much as look back, never mind apologize. WHY? I was out of the way, minding my own business. Something along these lines happens every time. 

Look here Whole Foods dick. I drive nearly an hour to get there in my giant gas guzzling bus (yeah, take that!) with my army of children, while living in a State (CT) that everything is incredibly overpriced, so I can buy specific items I am unable to get locally. I keep my minions tightly filing behind the cart as to not block the way for other customers. They are quiet and they keep their hands to themselves. *I* am courteous of other customers in the store as well. I'm sure I have accidentally gotten in the way without realizing it, but I make a concerted effort to be conscientious of those around me. Why be a dick? Surely you have heard of common courtesy? 

I apologize if this comes across as me stereotyping Whole Foods shoppers. That is not my intention at all. I am after all, also a Whole Foods shopper. Albeit on occasion because we are a family of 8 on a single military income, but I am still one.

For the love of fresh organic food, learn some common courtesy!

Oh and while on the subject of my recent Whole Foods trip... While checking out, the bagger commented on my sage smudge stick. She said that when she burned one it made her see god... in a hawk. I'm still trying to figure that one out.


SuziG said...

I loathe going to Whole Foods. Every single time I'm there I have an experience with someone (if not more than one person) quite like you. It doesn't matter how Mina is acting. If I stop for longer than TWO seconds someone acts like the apocalypse is going to bust out of their ass if I don't move and there could be a country mile around us for them to get through. They're just jerks. (Not all shoppers, but there is always ONE.)
Now, if I go to Trader Joe's, it's like everyone is from a different planet than ANY other store I go to. If I go to a regular grocery store, forget it. They're all wads. It's insane. What the heck happened to NICE people???!!!

SuziG said...

I meant quite like your experience. LOL