Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beautiful Innocence

Today my 4 year old daughter was playing with her princess dolls. The princesses were flying around with a jet pack, they were chatting about the sites, discussing their different dresses and they were getting married. Bell and Cinderella were getting married. Lots of little girls make their dolls get married.

In that moment I realized how beautiful such a little thing is. In her innocent world there is no gay or straight, there is no fight for marriage equality, there is no difference between loving the same or a different gender, there is no difference in skin color. In her innocent world love is love. People are people. It really is beautiful. I don't want society to take that away from her. My husband and I are raising our children in such a way that they know there is nothing wrong with same sex marriage, there is nothing wrong with being gay, we are all people and we all deserve the same love, respect and rights. I wish we didn't even have to teach them that though. I wish the innocence, the complete lack of bigotry they were born with and the view that we are all the same, wasn't tainted by the prejudices of society.

Wouldn't the world be so much better if her innocent world was what our reality is? I think so. We should all learn from the innocence our children are born with.

Monday, March 3, 2014

And just like that... You can't look at dolls quite the same way.

I walk upstairs to check on my younger 2 who are playing nicely together (shocking) with the dollhouse. I listen outside of my daughter's room for a few minutes. She makes her dolls talk with this voice higher than her own.
Then... I hear her doll say this.
"No, I don't have a gina (vagina). I am a doll and they just gave me nothing. I can't even go pee pee."
I went into my bathroom and laughed so hard I had tears. We all know that toys are generally without identifying sex organs, but there is just something so amusing in the innocence of a 4 year old having obviously taken notice of this.
My kids sure do keep me entertained.