Monday, May 11, 2015

To the kind stranger in Target

Dear kind stranger in Target,
      I know you probably won't see this, but I hope you do. Yesterday, you encountered my family in the shoe department at the Lisbon, CT. Target. The family with the load of children. You gave us $20 and I really hope you heard me say thank you as you quickly walked away. If you didn't, THANK YOU! Your kind gesture means more than I think you realize. I was almost brought to tears.

Let tell you about my family. My husband has been in the Navy for nearly 17 years. The income isn't spectacular, but we got by. We made the decision to have all of our children because we were able to adequately provide for them. But right now, our current circumstances are making that more difficult. They have their necessities of course, but it's just not easy.

The years of little sleep and abuse to my husband's body on a daily basis, took an enormous toll on his health. Between that and 2 substancial brain injuries (along with several concussions) his medical situation is quite a burden right now (seizures, PTSD, receptive and expressive aphasia, tinitis, anosmia, serious memory issues, anxiety, depression, hormone deficiencies, venous insufficiency, kerataconus, a torn ligament in his ankle the Navy never repaired, nerve damage, separated shoulders etc.) He is on something called "limited duty" while he receives treatment for his traumatic brain injury and other medical conditions he developed over his years of service. This means he lost a substancial chunk of his paycheck and things are rough financially. He likely won't be given the chance to finish his 20 years for the military retirement, as we had planned all along. I'm essentially his caretaker, because he needs a lot of help with things.
The unknown is scary.

We also have a son with severe food allergies, so there are certain foods we can't cut corners on. 

So thank you for your kindness. It means so much to us. You knew nothing about our family, but still chose to make an act of kindness in our direction. For that we are grateful.

Sarah L.


Allard said...


Hoping Tony is doing allright. I just read your blog and just wired the donations I received so far, $370, for my work on the Galaxy Note 4, to Tony. I wish you guys all the best !

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Allard, that was so incredibly kind of you. Thank You so much <3

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Allard, that was so incredibly kind of you. Thank You so much <3