Monday, March 27, 2017

Starting Over

Hello There! Long time no see, right!? Wow... it's been a while. There is so much to update y'all on, I don't even know where to start. But I'll try.

Those of you who followed me knew that my husband had become disabled due to the TBIs he had sustained. He has since been retired from the Navy, we have relocated to a tiny town in Florida, right over the Georgia line and we're now dealing with the absolute mess that is the VA.

Tony's conditions have slowly deteriorated a bit and I'm his full time caregiver.

The kids are still amazing and getting huge... and old. Our oldest son has a job!

I finally took control of my health a bit, after having the realization of how much my husband really needs me to take care of him. I've made huge leaps in my mindset, I've really strived to be more peaceful within. I do Yoga and Meditate. I have also, through strictly willpower, exercise and calorie counting alone, lost 76 lbs. (that's like... a whole 10 year old!).

We still have our old lady dogs, Emmie and Stormy (of course! they are family, they aren't going anywhere!) and now we have a 9 month old Chocolate Labrador named Harley, who we are training to be Tony's Service Dog (so far, so good).

I guess that update doesn't look like a lot... But it really is! I've missed writing a whole lot (publicly anyway, I've written a ton privately). I have so much to share about so many things. There has been so much good and bad. I really want to not only share the mundane things, but I also want to share things and issues that truly need attention, things that need to change, things that need to be brought to light.

I suppose this is really a quick "I'm back" kind of deal, I have a lot to tell you my friends. Stick around, I need you.

I will leave you all with a few pictures. Because, you know... that's what I do.

Christmas 2016