More About Us

My name is Sarah.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a lactivist, an eco conscious semi-crunchy person, a dog lover, a music fanatic, a reformed gamer, a clean freak, an Attachment Parenting believer and supporter, a photography fan, a nature lover, a nerd, a book reader, a homeschooler, a blogger, a social networker, a crafty woman, a baby lover, a person who practices Yoga, a meditation loving kind of gal, an Essential Oil user, a Traumatic Brain Injury Advocate... I am so much more, yet I'm very simple. I'm a "stay at home" mother, I'm a full time Caregiver to my Disabled Veteran Husband and I homeschool my children.

I'm very happily married to my husband Tony. He was once an EMC in the Navy and was Medically Retired at 18 years after becoming completely disabled from Traumatic Brain Injuries. He suffers from a long list of TBI related conditions including Temporal Lobe Epilepsy with uncontrollable seizures, Depression, Anxiety, Vision Issues, Balance and Coordination issues etc. His years of military service left him with many other medical issues as well, including PTSD. His life... our life... has changed dramatically since he became disabled. Day by day, we are rebuilding our new life, living our new normal. He is unable to safely be left alone at all for a few reasons, so I am his full time caregiver. He needs me a great deal, but that's ok. That's part of the deal when you get married right? In sickness and in health... not only in health. Dealing with the VA has been an uphill battle thus far, but we keep on trucking. We are determined to thrive despite the struggles we face. Most of all, we are still madly in love and best friends.

Our children are just amazing. They are our inspiration, our motivation, our everything. Our first 4 children are boys, our 5th is a girl and our 6th is another boy. Each of our children are so different but each and every one of them are equally as amazing as the next. We could not ask for better children. They are well behaved, intelligent, incredibly thoughtful and overall THE biggest joy in our lives.

Follow our journey, ride this roller coaster with us and learn some things along the way. I'll share our Organized Chaos, the good and the bad.